What We Believe

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What We Believe


God is completely holy and sovereign creator over all the universe. God exists in three co-equal, co-eternal persons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. God is the sustainer of all existence, He gives salvation to all who choose to live under His rule and reign.


God created mankind in His own Image. Out of all creation, humanity is set apart as God’s special image bearer which gives all people inherit worth and special responsibility. Part of this responsibility is stewardship over the earth; to cultivate it, harnessing its raw potential and moving creation forward. This means to say that humans were created to be God’s representatives on earth and carry out His restorative plan.


Sin is the human condition of brokenness, mistrust and failure. The Bible describes sin as a curse on mankind which breaks the relationship we have with God, Ourselves and Creation. Sin was introduced into humanity when Adam and Eve chose to define good and evil for themselves instead of trusting in God. Since that moment in history, mankind has defined good and evil for themselves which has further continued brokenness, mistrust and failure.


God has created mankind in His own Image. This means mankind is designed to show restorative justice to the broken world. Restorative justice occurs when those who are unrightfully hurt or wronged are restored and given back what was taken from them. The combination of righteousness and justice that God dictates means a selfless way of life in which people do everything they can to ensure that others are treated with dignity and injustices are fixed.


God did not leave humanity in sin but became our salvation. God sent Jesus to die on a cross, taking the sin of man upon Himself, paying the price we were supposed to pay for our sin. To receive salvation, one must put their trust and faith in Jesus alone as Savior. Salvation means the act of being saved from our sin in order to live with Jesus as priority in our lives now, and spending eternity with Him after death. 


The Bible is the written Word of God. It is the source of God’s divine revelation and is the final authority for our belief and practice. God used man over a fifteen hundred year period of time to write the Bible. God used multiple people to write the Scriptures, but God is the author of the Bible. There is an absolute truth and that truth is found in the Bible given from God.


The Church is the movement of God’s people in obedience to fulfill the mission of God’s redemptive work in all creation. Those in the Kingdom of God are those who live under the rule, reign and authority of King Jesus.


God created man differently than all other creation. Humans are made in the image of God which makes us different than the rest of the creation. One day all the saved will stand before the throne of God, a great multitude of people from all countries, cultures, and languages. We believe in reflecting this in the church now. We are to be a church filled with people from different countries, cultures, and languages. By the power of the gospel, Jesus has made the church into one unified body all throughout the world. In our church, we hope to reflect people of all different ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic, and generational backgrounds.


Prayer is a conversation between us and God. We talk to God, and He speaks back to us. His words are usually not audible to us, but He speaks through Scripture while we pray and through feelings he presents to us. Prayer allows us a time to praise God for all the good He does for us. It is also a time for us to share with Him our struggles and concerns. God listens to our prayers and uses our prayers to change circumstances in both our lives and the lives of others.

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For A More Detailed Statement of Faith

Grace Alive Church affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as our official doctrinal statement which can be found here: http://www.sbc.net/bfm2000/bfm2000.asp