4 Tips For Reading The Bible

            “What are you reading in your Bible right now?” My husband asked me as I cleaned up the living room for the 3rd time that day. In that split second, I realized that I wasn’t reading anything, I hadn’t been reading anything for a couple of weeks now. My Bible bookmark sat neatly in the book of Job, but I hadn’t opened it to that page in too long to remember.

I immediately began to defend myself to my husband.

“I am just so tired being up with the baby all night”

“I am getting used to going back to work”

“I’ve just been too busy trying to keep the house nice”

“I’ve had to focus on my start up business”

            All of those reasons, while true, were just excuses for the fact that I was struggling to be disciplined in my Bible reading, that I had allowed other things to rule my life in order of importance. As soon as I came to the realization that this had been a weakness for me, I tried to come up with a plan to solve it. Maybe I could read right before I got in the shower, or while I was eating breakfast, or while my daughter napped. Week after week my husband asked me how it was going, and week after week I realized that seven days had passed without me so much as even attempting any of those things. A new plan was needed that was more flexible with my new permanently-exhausted, always-busy-with-a-baby lifestyle, but what could it be? I have gathered below the top four ways that I have been able to study Scripture and have time with God consistently while juggling new mommyhood!

1.Listening to Scripture Out Loud

Perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to spend time in your Bible is to play it out loud. If you have a smartphone you can download the YouVersion Bible app to read aloud   to you while you are doing other things like cooking, cleaning, or working out. You can also buy audio versions of Scripture on CD to play in your car, or even rent them from a local library.

2. One Verse a Day

As simplistic as this might sound, if all you can do is to read one verse then that is so much better than none at all. There are hundreds of one-verse-a-day apps for smartphones that work simply by posting a different verse to the screen on your phone every day. It is an incredibly easy way to bring Scripture into our lives when we are doing something as basic as checking the time on our phones or looking at our calendars. For months this was the best way for me to discipline myself in reading the Bible daily.

3. Read a Children’s Devotional

This one takes a bit more effort and attention, and could be more helpful with older children. Purchasing or checking out a Children’s Bible Devotional from the library and reading one devotional a day with your child or children could be incredibly helpful not only in encouraging you in reading Scripture daily but also in reading the Bible with your children, and teaching them to be disciplined in reading themselves. It could open the door for some wonderful conversations with your kids about Biblical truths or questions that they might have, and even teach you things you didn’t know by answering their questions.

4. Pick a Memory Verse

Pick a verse or a section of verses that you would like to put a lot of focus into for a week or so and then place that verse as many places as you can. Write it on a chalkboard in your kitchen, put it on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, screenshot it and make it the background on your phone. Place that Scripture so many locations that you cannot help but to see it and to read it multiple times a day.

Whatever you choose to do, the heart of reading the Bible is to spend time with God, in His Word and commandments. It is important for us to make this a priority in our lives, when we spend so much time surrounded by negativity and in a sinful world. If we do not spend time reading what God says, how can we live it out in our actions daily? Is there something not mentioned here that you do in order to help yourself read the Bible? Share in the comments down below!

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